they said I love this city


they said I love this city

they said i love this city and I went: I dont know. Really? cuz most of the time I thought I dont have a positive feeling towards this city. Maybe I loved too much then. 爱之深 恨之切

But being in Melbourne always gives me a comfortable feeling tho, really easy to get used to if you are a new comer.


2012 in review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

When Christmas comes


Christmas for most Chinese is not a new thing, we do celebrate, in some ways. It’s the time when every shopping mall only plays one single song “we wish you a merry Christmas X3 and happy new year!”. And it’s also the time for every shopping mall put their Christmas deco on, all sorts of Christmas tree and light. So when I was in China, Christmas was so much related with shopping mall. They were always calling you, “come and buy more stuff, my friend. We have better discount here!”

I’ve never spent a single Christmas in Melbounre, nor will this year. It’s always when Myer had thier Christmas window on (why this is again related to a shopping mall=_=), then I flew all the way back to SH. But the thing is, since I accepted God in my life, I started to have a different experience on Christmas. Even when I was in China, it wasn’t about a tour in shopping mall any more. I began to realise they did have many events on in the local churchs, either the Christmas worship in the government church, or the Christmas party in the home church. And I often surprised by the large number of particiapants and how crowded the churchs were during Christmas time.

Everytime I was touched by God’s work and I know this year will be like this again. So I wrote this post in advance cuz I also know Wp is blocked in China and I wont have access to write such long post (not that eazy to use VPN anyways).

Here in Melbourne locals start to decorate their house more than one month prior to the Christmas day. It’s been so exciting to get involved this early and kids are very serious on this work. This reminded me of the time in Shanghai, when I saw a lonely single Christmas tree stood on one room’s balcony of the whole 18 storey apartment.


Post semi-holiday life?


这是每年的离别季 大家都考完试以迅雷不及掩耳的速度收拾行李回家 往年的我也一定如此 因为家的诱惑力实在巨大 可是今年却不同 别人在机场departure hall准备离境的时候 我却再次在arrival hall出现 而且排了整整一小时的队伍入境 印象深刻

在坡最后一天写日志的时候 脑中飘浮过这首歌 Coming Home  两年前听到的Jayesslee的cover 现在依然熟记

每个人都在焦急的等待要出现的那个人 在上海我的爸妈也一定这样等待着 机场 永远是最愿意和最不愿意去的地方

回到熟悉的墨村 竟然也乌云滚滚 幸好摒牢了没有下下来 我已经怕雨水了

不过现在我发现原来墨村是这么的干燥 皮肤干燥 路边的草都是黄黄的 听说今年夏天又要高温干旱 难道已经提前开始了? 还是以前我早就习惯没有注意

终于回到熟悉的一切 but I hope this would be a stronger me 喜欢墨尔本的阳光 洒进车里很舒服的感觉 三周没有摸车 手又痒了 都已经开了两年车了 为什么还像新手一样想每天摸车 喜欢一个人在车里静静的思考吧

还是墨尔本的阳光  像是通往天堂的路

这回真的放假了 找事情做中



我绝对是个冲动的人 除了在中国有road rage症状 大晚上会emo 做事情不懂得放手 现在还加上半夜刷机票综合症 所以 刚去玩Sydney 月底就要去新加坡小住一段时间了

朋友问我最近有什么特别的事发生 我发现好多人都爱问这个问题 好像大家都期待每天都要发生不平常电视剧一般的剧情一样 每天都做梦梦着惊奇的邂逅 可是生活中就是生活 现在发掘任何的emo都是自己在于幻想的那个小我做挣扎 很多事情明明没有的 心底的那个小我故意把事情搞大 那个离奇的痛苦之身 is fond of exagerrating the sad moments

时间是把杀猪刀 现在忽然开始钟情黑白片 发掘和去年的思想好不一样 平淡了 是不是就等于没有情感 same place different time different story

Hello Singapore, again



im trying really hard to find a reason to continue use wp blogsite, especially with my old nearly collapsed black hp, always reminds me to update the IE browser and Safari, while still taking ages to upload pics and having numerous bugs when typing the context.

The fact is Im still using it, with a smile on my face:) Yes, Im one of the men on this earth who finds real problem of giving up.

My homestay mum, she’s a really interesting woman with two kids, always be in the garden talk talk and talk, either through phone or face to face, and most of the time holding a cigarette and a glass of wine on each of the hand. She used to be a good counsellor who was taking care of the patients who were on the way of dying. So sometimes she could tell a person straightaway ( not really straightaway, after a an-hour conversation maybe). So for the five years Ive been staying with her, she must have known me from head to foot.

Everytime the conversation between us was epic, and did make me think a lot. Why someone always wanted to protect herself so much and keep distance from friends. Or what kind of feedback shall I get when I talk to a friend. These are all truly helpful conversation.

Im the kinda person who’s passionate on sharing the story and mood to friends. My thinking system rarely go through the procedure of “protecting yourself”. Easy thinking, easy happiness? But isnt sometimes I also got fooled by the pure attraction, or a few of the times I was impatient with someone whose feedback to me was unsatisfactory?

So next time the Holy Spirit convicts me and asks me about my bad attitude. Listen carefully. Surrender and let Him change me from the inside our.

If you are tempted to lose patience with another, stop and think how patient God has been with you.

现在回过头看一个月前的相片 突然发觉很有味道 舟山的小渔村 安安静静的村里生活 其实村的本质就是让心静下来听自己内心的话不是么



To be honest things seem seldom go as what we expected in our life. Time is always faster than the plan. Sometimes you think you know someone well, and a second later you will be surprised you had this conclusion. Knowing is like a process without ending, a happy ending.

Recent life back to Melbourne is filled with all kinds of activities. The time for my own is shrinking. I kept telling others leave yourself some time for your own purpose (Maybe that’s the word I wanted to advise myself). And at the same time I kept the uncomfortable feeling when I criticise others, cuz I knew I was no better than anyone. 

We like equality, fairness. Like when I tell a personal story to you, I would pretty much wish you would tell me the same level secret story. Otherwise I would get frustrated. Why? That’s so unfair. And disappointness again comes.

No one promised my own “agreement of story sharing rules”.

Think too much

and you will creat a problem that was not even there in the first place.

Stay calm Jack.

Photoed by Jack in Healesville Sanctuary

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