Christmas for most Chinese is not a new thing, we do celebrate, in some ways. It’s the time when every shopping mall only plays one single song “we wish you a merry Christmas X3 and happy new year!”. And it’s also the time for every shopping mall put their Christmas deco on, all sorts of Christmas tree and light. So when I was in China, Christmas was so much related with shopping mall. They were always calling you, “come and buy more stuff, my friend. We have better discount here!”

I’ve never spent a single Christmas in Melbounre, nor will this year. It’s always when Myer had thier Christmas window on (why this is again related to a shopping mall=_=), then I flew all the way back to SH. But the thing is, since I accepted God in my life, I started to have a different experience on Christmas. Even when I was in China, it wasn’t about a tour in shopping mall any more. I began to realise they did have many events on in the local churchs, either the Christmas worship in the government church, or the Christmas party in the home church. And I often surprised by the large number of particiapants and how crowded the churchs were during Christmas time.

Everytime I was touched by God’s work and I know this year will be like this again. So I wrote this post in advance cuz I also know Wp is blocked in China and I wont have access to write such long post (not that eazy to use VPN anyways).

Here in Melbourne locals start to decorate their house more than one month prior to the Christmas day. It’s been so exciting to get involved this early and kids are very serious on this work. This reminded me of the time in Shanghai, when I saw a lonely single Christmas tree stood on one room’s balcony of the whole 18 storey apartment.