im trying really hard to find a reason to continue use wp blogsite, especially with my old nearly collapsed black hp, always reminds me to update the IE browser and Safari, while still taking ages to upload pics and having numerous bugs when typing the context.

The fact is Im still using it, with a smile on my face:) Yes, Im one of the men on this earth who finds real problem of giving up.

My homestay mum, she’s a really interesting woman with two kids, always be in the garden talk talk and talk, either through phone or face to face, and most of the time holding a cigarette and a glass of wine on each of the hand. She used to be a good counsellor who was taking care of the patients who were on the way of dying. So sometimes she could tell a person straightaway ( not really straightaway, after a an-hour conversation maybe). So for the five years Ive been staying with her, she must have known me from head to foot.

Everytime the conversation between us was epic, and did make me think a lot. Why someone always wanted to protect herself so much and keep distance from friends. Or what kind of feedback shall I get when I talk to a friend. These are all truly helpful conversation.

Im the kinda person who’s passionate on sharing the story and mood to friends. My thinking system rarely go through the procedure of “protecting yourself”. Easy thinking, easy happiness? But isnt sometimes I also got fooled by the pure attraction, or a few of the times I was impatient with someone whose feedback to me was unsatisfactory?

So next time the Holy Spirit convicts me and asks me about my bad attitude. Listen carefully. Surrender and let Him change me from the inside our.

If you are tempted to lose patience with another, stop and think how patient God has been with you.

现在回过头看一个月前的相片 突然发觉很有味道 舟山的小渔村 安安静静的村里生活 其实村的本质就是让心静下来听自己内心的话不是么