7 days to my first also last paper, right in the middle of depression. The sunlight in the morning did make this depression fade away a bit, if it was not the preparation of a even more severe depression mode. You see, depression does not always link to those who never open up their mouths. We have the variability, as some of my friends, I’m not trying to say they are like me, but they are kind of people who always talk talk and talk, if there’s a time of being quiet with the existence of them, the word “weird” will straightaway come up in your mind. What’s wrong? Yep, the thing is recently they have claimed themselves to be officially depressed, oh I should say not they, but their doctors.

Compared with them, my depression mode seems like a joke. But I do feel I have nothing much to say. Everyday conversation with friends sounds like repeating the same topic over and over again, yet, nothing new comes. Then tonight my friend told me why not record the stuff in my mind here. I said good idea.

Tonight my question will be, What’s wrong…?