This title is a bit interesting actually. It makes me think “B.C. and A.D.”, like my recent time was split into two parts, and the cutting line is Easter Camp. This shows how important easter camp to me. But I’m not gonna talk abt the camp in this post. I’ll try in the next post. This one is life before the camp.

My word of recent time: dizzy.

In fact I understand every word from you. I can see how difficult you’ve been getting through. Sharp and straightforward is your way of life. I’m not there to make any comments on. Instead, this should be a good reflection of myself, the missing part that I wasnt gifted by God.

Though understanding, I was still being struggling. Hello stranger, how are you? God father tells us to love each other, even strangers. Isnt it wrong to think of a stranger everyday? Or should I just wipe everything off?

“How do I say goodbye, when there are so much to say

How do I feel happy, when all the faces I once knew were missing”

I feel like I might be on the wrong way, but never will I regret.

I dun look sick, but I am sick inside. Trying to avoid the superficial symptoms of “Bi-Polar”, two extreme moods were shown on and off the stage.

Through the camp, I could not keep lying to myself. How to wipe off the memory, if you just cant move your eyes away from that person; if you often try to scrutinize the conversation in the past; if you still miss the person; and if you srsly think you’ve done sth you didnt meant to.

来墨尔本前 唯一的几次开车 车里放的音乐竟然是 Elva的那首歌 那时候还和晓帆说 我也不知道怎么就放这首歌了 突然怀念一下 没想到之后的日子竟然真的往这个方向发展 于是每天早晨起床 脑海里想到的就是这首歌的调调

看过了太多关于陌生人的故事 也帮助过许多 没想到我还是会难过 或许以后会笑 但是为何要等到以后

when you can face it, why avoid it

给自己一个笑脸 让自己平静下来 就像火车会正常停靠这个站点一样 纵然内心依然紧崩

somtimes life is just as simple as this pic, when you have someone you love sending you off at the airport, looking at the flight all the way from runway to sky.

某人在MEL第一天 逛学校的时候 让我一定记得要把这份美貌留下来
毕竟是三年的回忆 每天 笑着走过 梦游似的走过 内心哭泣的走过 甚至是在前面做行为艺术 都是回忆的点滴 而且还在继续
我这个人就是在探索发掘生活的同时 废话还特多 照片拍了就拍了 还那么多话儿
母亲节来了 我要怎样感谢母亲大人给我的这种另类性格:p