As the title shows, I just feel close to u —- Swine Flu><
Got up today at 4am, I unclearly remembered my phone was ringing while I was sleeping, just too tired to pick up the phone.
nys, "1 new message" was in the phone. I thought it should be Kat, but suprisingly the message was from another frd.
Then I was told he was in the hospital at the moment not only bcoz of his sickness, but also has a kinda indistinct relation with the latest Australian reported swine flu case. Her sis is in the same school with the boy who now was clarified having the flu. And it’s even worse that he’s sick now.
I remeber I was joking if he’s got the flu when he told me he was sick. And now the situation is just getting unexpected. Hope he’ll be fine.
nys, life should be enjoybale. I think anyone may have a great love in visiting the pet shop:)
btw, u’ll always feel happy when someone give u what you really need. Thxs Michelle for the hairdryer….So lucky I didnt find the dryer in the Coles!