I missed the quake again this week (better say I was dumb that moment)
a frd told me nxt day, said his room in the apartment on Swanston was shaking and he was just so feared
and he asked me if I saw a few helicopters flying ard….I said "yeah, but actually I just saw one while I was watching a drama and that was even before the quake….u sure the authority didn’t know this thing prior to the tremor?"
heheh….a funny thinking after the kinda deep-meaning drama
Another thing which I dun get is why I always felt my essay was so so much poor after I spent so so much time finishing it
the tute my wan to me write sth abt how a Homoerectus used fire, but unfortunately I was talking abt the wildfire happened in the 1980s. shit
and I just dun get it…how come the tute always repeated the same theme (or it just seemed like)
for me psych is too detailed, so it’s hard. EolHistory and KN I think the area they’r talking abt are overlapped and that’s too general, so it’s hard 2
sigh….what I only did was staying in the hall of UnHs and enjoy the music to try to keep my mind psychologically alone
and in the EcolHistory tute, she told me communication was one of the basic elements that human beings vary from other animals
cool. Nxt time I’ll try to not wave my hand instead of yelling hello
while I was wandering out in the uni, I just saw…
>>will you marry me?
and a man said>> oh gosh, that was so embarrassed…
yea, I agree.