appeared better than yesterday…with the same fragile heart


Maybe it was a wise decision that Kat called M to come to have dinner with us together. Otherwise I knew they would leave me alone to enjoy their awesome twosome swt time. I didn’t blame it. Actually I wish they can indulge themselves instead of caring me like a bulb. Nys, I shouldn’t have been over reacted at the moment when Kat called M. Yes, maybe she has some defects or foibles. But she’s still young. And it’s acceptable due to her princess background. It quite reminded me of many “princes & princesses” back at home since it’s the only child in one family. Parents often spoil the child and give huge pressure on their shoulders. We are growing up. When we look back to the younger stage, we do find it is childish sometimes but we can’t say anything cuz it happened on us before. It’s not bad that M remembered she still owed me an amount of money. And yeah…unfortunately she lost her lovely wallet just now. (I hope it’s true…)

Today what embarrassed me was, I met my psych tutor on the same train…and I just skipped his class in the morning. It was a quite a shock I saw him walking past me and didn’t recognize me at the first place. So I felt lucky at that moment. But sadly, he walked back and stood in front of me. Then started to speak:

“Why not come to class?”

“hmm…erh, sleeping.”

“why sleeping?”

“hmm…because last time I tried my best to persuade myself getting up to the tutorial. But sadly found we just needed to do an IQ test in class. Honestly I dun like IQ test and dun think that is somewhat important…”


“So….Is today’s class important?”


…and then we moved our topic on to the suck Melb public transport…

This reminded me of what Dip taught me to handle one particular situation that u come to a class which doesn’t have your name on the roll list. So the lecturer asked me:

“why u come to this class? I don’t have your name on the list.”

“Because I have a great passion to sit here…”


pls…my fragile heart


It’s late now. I find back the cosy feeling.

It was a sunny day and I did enjoy the sunshine for the whole afternoon unwillingly, or rather unconsciously. It’s been two days. I spent my time lavishly for some particular serious purpose, as well as money. What only made me pleased, to be honest, was the steamed rice from Lotus& Bamboo Restaurant though I haven’t even finished it, as well as those unexpected cheap wings. (And thxs for Kat)

I found I needed a stronger heart to handle M. Her response was usually out of my fragile mind which used to scare me a bit.  

Nys, 多普达貌似比m更复杂,更可怕。 17岁的孩子哟,怎么个个都这样,我心脏要受不了了。最后说一句,貌似比我年轻一年的孩子都喜欢搞ambiguous relationship





醒醒吧,wake up, 不要再这样下去了,这样大家都很难堪,都很别扭,relation会变得很危险,未来也会变得很黯淡。不要因为现在的处理不当而感到后悔。









The network was turning ok recently. I was pretty satisfied though the speed was still that slow. Anyways, it was better than nothing.

Here happened many things which led my recent life into messy situation. It was quite a big surprise that 某金会变得那么不正常,阿拉还从来没有看到过,这两个人搞不清楚搞,要到什么时候才结束亚。。。不过,最近在某金身上,看到了不少自己以前经历过的事情,很好玩,很纠结。

I’m really sick of Starbucks now. The life shouldn’t have been spent there, especially the QV one, too noisy, too dark, too hot. I wish, I really want I can spend more time at home, having dinner at home, doing homework at home, not Starbucks… Spent too much money now. The budget is keeping declining, like the world stock market.


About the Xiaonei stuff, finally I found it was only bcz of the angle of the pic. It shouldn’t have surprised me that much though it quite reminded me of some part of memory. The memory is the same, but the situation now is totally different, on two different levels. However, It was not the first time that I was disappointed by myself. So…quite got used to it.

Actually I was keeping asking my frds these days whether they still kept in touch wif their primary skul frds. The all-yes answers did not surprise me at all but feeling regretful.


About Korean. Since I started to learn Korean, I found I’d been surrounded by Korean stuff now. Had Korean food nearly everyday, had much more coincidence of meeting a Korean frd. Then, just now, I couldn’t believe someone was studying Korean in the uni…better no comments, I know.

Last wkend I went to the Mel Zoo again with a Korean. I know it’s not a surprise for u guys since I’ve been there so many times already. But I just want to it was quite a nice time to go out somewhere. It’s been ages that I haven’t travelled even though there was a holiday. Hmm, miss that feeling.

Yesterday I had my drama as usual. But sadly in that killer piece, I have to be killed again. Why? I’m always supposed to be dead in the show, so miserable, so mean. Kidding….nys, I can imagine it will have lots of fun, more than last time the piece of apple. The story is full of imagination and I quite enjoy it.   BTW, today’s spring concert was just wonderful, especially the last item, fantastic.


Hmm, haven’t realized I’ve written so much, maybe bcz too many things happened this wk. It’s just like writing a letter. At the first time actually u didn’t think of so many things to be told, but when finishing the letter, u would have a surprise on how much u’d written. Sometimes I just can’t control myself to do sth though there is no meaning doing it. Sometimes just feel like doing sth to meet the need. Such is life, there always be one destination for you and me, a good destination for sure. So, be happy, be strong.

AD in Royal Park Sta.

CPA Australia Ad in the Royal Park Station.



校内网是个可怕的东西。。。巨大的魔力让我一点一点惊讶,然后有种说不出的感觉,之后,现在处于勾起回忆的痛苦阶段。 我落伍了,无法想象之后的科技还会带来怎样的惊喜,是否就能真的改变距离上的遥远呢。














Insomnia again and Taiwanese food


The network is not stable recently, many times I couldn’t even open any pages including google and msn. The ridiculous new technology always made me slip into the border of psych disorder like insomnia. Why… I’ve nvr had conditions like insomnia before but happened twice in this wk. I just wonder whether insomnia can spread through the telephone, as well as cold. It’s funny. If I was not able to sleep on Sunday nite, that was quite understandable cuz I slept too long in the wkend. But I can’t understand why I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday nite although I was actually so tired. Something’s quite strange recently like I dun feel like having pizza and going to Lygon bcz of the silly premonition. END


Thanks for Dip, your story of cyborg. We are thinking of doing cyborg stuff in our last term drama performance. I feel like it’ll be full of fun.

Dropped Maths already, and my average score isn’t that bad (ji ja?)…nys, it’s not the reason I’ve kept spending money to restaurants these days, especially yesterday’s Oriental Spoon’s one, especially during this eco crisis period. BUT, still can’t believe Dip was drunk only bcz of 1plus bottles of SoJu. Actually I was scared a lot not only bcz of his unexpected drunk but also I dun like the smell of a drunker. I like Soju, but I dun like the smell of my body after finishing 1 bottle of Soju (or any other type of alcohol).

And today, Kat and I discovered a really good restaurant (I think it’s the best in Mel) in Box Hill, a Taiwanese Restaurant. Still, it’s as small as Shanghai Noodle House but better deco. It’s extraordinary cheap (feel like, a lot of $3) and the rice is free! OMG, I just love its rice so much, even took away one box of rice… For two persons, u can eat wildly for $20sth with really authentic quality of Chinese and Taiwanese food, especially the vegi there. Another bright spot is that their service is just SO GOOD, better than any Chinese restaurant I’ve ever seen. It’s not that kinda luxury service that makes u feel distance. The waiter is just so funny with a typical Taiwanese sense of humour. The girl, from Shanghai, is pretty cute. Kat even started to feel full when she was talking to the waiter, bcz he made her laughed too much, as well as me. Too funny, (I should have taken some pics…)


By the way, I just had a dream yesterday, that someone is not stubborn anymore. No Comments.



So where to begin today?

From the more winter-liked weather? The annoyed rain? Or the genius living right next door?

No, let’s begin from a typical Korean styled story structure. The story related to a MV that Jun tod me just several hrs b4. Actually I’ve to admit that nearly half Korean stories are like this one. Once upon a time in childhood period, a particular boy and a particular girl walked closely and behaved intimately. Soon after in adolescence, they became a couple. However, unfortunately, the boy( or man, whatever) had a fatally car accident due to over-speed driving in order to meet the girl on time. There normally will be two consequences for the boy. Result one, dead (which is quite pathetic). In this condition, usually a new boy will pop out who is really similar to the dead boy. And the girl will be struggled to face the fate. While in result number two, the boy may become blinded or amnesia whatever, which is absolutely better than result number one. But this time in this kinda situation, the girl will always start to do sth touched. She may dedicate her eye protective membranes or any part of her body( sounds horrible).


Aih…it’s so clear that I’m too bored now to write down this kinda tedious thing…insomnia last nite…maybe this was one of the many dreams I had last nite. Sigh…


Yesterday, the mind was full of cyborg stuff (thanks to Dip) and those veiled ambiguous relations. What’s that mean?

Does it mean I can get a full mark in lit if we write sth abt cyborg love stories…?     I must be crazy now.

Relax, stress can lead to heart disease. Wow….

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