I know I don’t quite measure up against you

The whole context in which we met was innocent

Your charming ways deserve the blame for our time

It wasn’t me who led; your words spoke confidence

One long day it came with a rush

We’ve tied ourselves up together,

but the knot is loose

I adore the way your face breaks out into a smile

Like a flower in spring that blooms to life so radiant

I can’t forget your lush sweet lips that kiss me

How many are the men charmed by your elegance

Whom have you worked this magic on before?

Let it be only me forever since I want it more

Give it only to me please

So smile come put your lips right next to mine

Moonlight showers down on you like flower blossoms

Come on right now, lay down with me and sing lullabies

Somehow let me live this dream with you, endlessly

You’re quick and bright so pacify my complaints

You hide your thoughts and shroud yourself in mystery

You’ve never learned what deep inside I’m craving

When you leaned against my shoulder I did notice it

When did you make a hole inside of me?

Trapped in this room, suffocating in your niceties

I’m losing my mind to more fits of jealousy

Now cry come put your lips right next to mine

High tide, I’m swimming in a sea of your tears

Come on right now, no need to treat me nice anymore

Somehow I want to hide myself somewhere away from you

So smile come put your lips right next to mine

Moonlight showers down on you like flower blossoms

Come on right now, lay down with me and sing lullabies

Somehow let me live this dream with you, endlessly

  –From Nicole’s blog



These days…


Why I always pretend to be like a child these days? I thought it may be funny, interested or something…  Silly, childish, boring actually… Seemed long ago, somebody said I was mature? hehe…it’s really funny.  Yes, I want to be mature. Sometimes I was too optimistic, open-minded…talktive..hehe. I need a change, but if I don’t talk actually I will be feel really lonely…… Actually, talking is good. Gustavo can talk with somebody he has never seen before, and then, becomes friends, good auha?  But sometimes talking too much is bad maybe, made somebody felt that I was really annoying……Gosh!
Drama Show…The specialiest experience in this week, so good, so agreeable, real, fasinating…hehe..This show was perfomed by last Feb. Intake.  I like the first one… talking about a couple which have to break up only because some secret reason….? Yeah, because the cancer. The boy didn’t want to tell his girlfriend this matter, he wanted ro hide it so that the girl would not sad. And then, ..yes..as we imagined…the girl found the truth.and…blablabla… Absolutely, the story…was not very interesting…but..the point is…I like it, I like their performance. That’s it.  Big big pressure to me…hehe
Yahm…suddenly I began to memorize the winter, I didn’t realize that the winter was coming to the end….Finished?  Well, that’s not good cuz I like winter, the feeling of winter, the style of winter hahah. Looking beautiful girls walked down to the street, enjoyable…  Haiz, why I can’t look beautiful girls? that’s my right. I didn’t fix my eyes on them, it’s ok. Somebodies really strange……

time is passing away


People often say Aussie Ppl are crazy, they are not like European ppl who r restricted a lot…Last day when I got off the train at night, seeing more than 20 ppl who were drunk and shouting…very spectacular..hehe…  Michelle said that why there’s no hitch-hiking anymore in Australia is just because there’re a great number of crazy ppl in Australia…hehe….sometimes somebody will kill u without any reason. hehe…looks horrible
Time passed so quick…Today Michelle drove me to her friend’s house, met a girl who’s from China. She arrived Australia 3days ago, asking me a  lot of questions. Suddenly I felt so funny, three weeks ago I’m in the same situation just like an idiot… She asked me how long I’ve been here…It’s the same question I asked Gustavo before…hehe… When I answered 3 weeks, she was just like a child looked at her father…admiring…. yeah…I’m not a freshman anymore…
 My friends told me here’s very boring. At first I thought it was ok. But now I can feel that gradually. If somebody want to meet a friend outside, 90% of ppl will choose to have a drink at different kinds of bar. They talk about weather, country and girls of course… I didn’t noe why sometimes I was too serious, always thinking a lot of things. I can sat on lawn for an hour, doing nothing except enjoying the sun. My tutor said that was joy de viv( enjoy the life).   Seemed horrible…. Last time Shunyao sent a massage to me, finally I had been in happy for a long long time…it’s too….strange?
But whatever, I don’t want to change.

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