I know I should seise the pivot that comes to me, which is the ticket to study in Australia. Though sometimes it seemed that I was affected a lot by kinds of emotion problems, it was still clear to my realization on the aspect that pointed out my nearly future. Study overseas is not easy. Oppositely that, how difficult and how complicated it was was I never imagined before. It is really a huge construction, not only the preparation on goods and matter but also the preparation on spirit and mind. So if u ask me whether I am ready fot it, I’ll answer yes.


I saw my parents spent a great deal of money and made every efforts to help me study abroad. Especially on the application of visa, from providing all kinds of stuff and proofs to the health-checking, they really gave me a big big hand and I appreciated you both.


Now I’m going to leave, leave the city that I was born in, leave the school that taught me a lot, leave the people that I really loved and cared for. Yes, it is really a bit kind of sadness, but at best, there’s a different environmet waiting to me…different culture and customs…


Apply to different C&C, I’v got to talk a little…In Australia’s school, students must wear suit, tie and black formal shoes when there’s a ceremony, celebration and other kinds of formal ocasions. Both of ‘ladies and gentlemen’ should take some perfum. That’s way everytime I passed by different foreigners, it must be a mass of fragrance…


Maybe some of you will say that study abroad is just to relax, get rid of the National University&College Entrance Examination. Well…it is a bit right, but different to what u imagined. Firstly, I will face a great number of different habit, face everythings that attack to me, do everythings by myself… Then, although currriculums in Aus is totally different to China’s, students there have a lot of time to play sports and do what u want to, students in University of Melbourne are all excellent, I must be diligent and keep moving.


Finally, about the city of Melbourne…the Ad. Says that Melbourne is a modern city of appro. Three million people. It is a leading edu. and culture centre, and nominated as the world’s most livable city in a recent international study. Also known as the ‘Garden City’, Melbourne has some of the wold’s most spectacular gardens and parklands. There r ocean beaches, ski resorts and many national parks within relatively easy reach of the city….That is what I expect… Oh, it’s really important for overseas student to have a Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC). The membership card can be used when visiting a doctor, making claims, arranging admission into hospital or when making enquiries.


Well…seemed said a lot…yeah…time to bid farewell