Finshed my course at last,I felt a bit wearisom now. I took lessons at 3pm. to 9pm. last two months. Thus,I came up with a habbit gradually. Today,when the indicator turn to 3:00,I had nothing to do except watching television. Waste time ehn?  I didn’t adapt it,I miss my classmates in the IELTS course. Suddenly,I strayed about my future…To study Laws,psychology or sociology? Choose one from three…..Fanny told me a lot her experience which made me considered much.
  Today my mood weather is,overcast.

A visiting to East Radio (FM101.7)


  周二一个叫生煎的人发短信给我让我去参加动感101晚九点的节目-下一站星光的小单元-自由phone的录音。此乃吾第一次去广播大厦,竟然还耍了一下“大牌”,迟到了一刻钟。而且神定气闲。那个叫生煎的家伙接我们上去的时候,本人发现第一个目标-杨越。。。。竟然和我们同一部电梯。刷卡进入后的第一件事-拍照。东东(我真的没认出来)说会把照片放在电台的论坛上,就这样,我们不幸被公众于世了。我录的竟然是小新,很Q的一段话。我对着满是电台logo的墙壁练了好一会儿,就被领到了录音棚,那个满是明星签名的棚。only ten minutes,I finished this special work.



Les tours et le bourdon de 13 tonnes dominent I’^ile de la Cite’.
The chathedral’s towers and 13 tonne great bell stand high  above the I’^ile de la Cite’.
Arc de triomphe
Monument napole’onien offrant un panorama unique sur I’avenue des Champs-Elys’ees.
Monument to Napoleon’s victories with unique views of the Champs Elysees.
Tenple des Grands Hommes.
Resting place to France’s great and good.
Lieu symbolique de la Revolution francaise.
Symbolic landmark of the French Revolution.
Ensemble exceptionnel de vitraux du XIII siecle.
Magnificent set of stained glass windows.
After U look it,please turn to the pre-artical.

my IELTS course


Like someone else,my IELTS course is going to the end. In this period,the class has experienced a lot that includes the change of speaking lessons teacher,the members’ leaving etc. In the moment,I am just looking back.
Kevin,we call him CBC(Chinese born in Canada),our wrriting lessons teacher. The guy often played jokes with us and asked us many odd questions that we can’t answer. In the classes,he would raise a ridiculous example that made the whole class in laugh. I must say he is a little "lazy" and seem to be interested in gays… A bit queer he is…
Meggie,our reading&listening lessons teacher. She also was called "yunfu"(an expectant mother). The classes she taught were the boringest lessons in IELTS coz it has not any skills except exercises. She often said she was patriotic so that she was back to China. But I think she was just kidding…So the way she said in was funny.
Jasmine,our predecessor speaking lessons teacher. We also called U "be-lah…be-lah"(coz U always said be-lah…be-lah in the class). For some regretful resons,there’s a gap between U and the class. But I also like U. I think speaking lessons must have a foriegn teacher instead coz we will live in a different enviroment in the future. What a pity!
At last ,our new teacher….en…named Amy. Yes,Amy,though I have only attended 1 class that U taught,it’s good.
PS.carry out an advertisment for Learning Education Center. The IELTS course in L_E_C is terrific.

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